2018 Blueberry Update

The 2018 season has been a great year for railroading, but not so great for blueberries. We will not be open this year for blueberry picking. We apologize and hope to see everyone next year!

2017 Season Close

We regret to announce that the 2017 Season is closed. We had a really great turnout this year and all the berries have been picked! We hope to see everyone back again next year when the season opens!

2016 Season Close

We are closing U-Pick tomorrow (7/22/2016). We had a great crop this year, but the heat has taken its toll on the bushes and they need to rest until next July. We want thank everyone for their support and look forward to seeing you all again next year.


2017 Season Opening

Blueberry picking season opens Wednesday July 12th, 2017. We will be open from 8AM to 2PM. The blueberries are looking great this year, they just need a few more days to ripen. Please try to avoid picking bitter white or red berries, so they have time to ripen for others. We look forward to seeing you!Blueberry2017

2016 Blueberry Season Opening

After a mild winter and favorable spring, we are happy to have a nice crop of tasty blueberries. Bring a friend and enjoy a walk or ride to the High Bushes.

Opening date for U-Pick blueberries is Wednesday July 13, 2016, from 8am to 2 pm.  

Bring cash or check as we do not accept credit cards.

Hope to see you soon in Geneva.